Printing from CSE labs

Sending print jobs to the print queue

Printing at CSE is now done via the UNSW Managed Print Service provided by UNSW IT.

When you are using a CSE lab computer, you can simply print to the default print queue (named stu), and release the job at any student printer on campus.

If the application you are using has a 'command line' field, just set it to lpr.

To print from the terminal, just use lpr filetoprint.txt. Note that PDFs may not print correctly from the command line - use acroread or xpdf to open the file, and print directly from the application.

Printing A3 or colour pages

The default stu printer produces black and white A4 pages. However, there are other printing queues available for A3 or colour jobs:
  • stu-A3: Black and white, A3
  • stu-CO: Colour, A4
  • stu-A3-CO: Colour, A3
To print to one of these queues, add -P<queue> to the command line, eg lpr -Pstu-A3

Releasing print jobs from a Campus printer

Once you have sent your print job to the print queue, you can go to any MPS printer to print it.

  • Present card to RF reader as directed.
  • Enter your 4-digit Print Service PIN.
  • Select print jobs to print.

For more details, see the Campus Printing page at UNSW IT.

How do I set my PIN?

The first time you use the UNSW Print Service, you will need to set a Print Service PIN.

If you have forgotten your PIN, reset it at the Print Service Portal.

Printing Credits

Undergraduate and other course-work students do not start with any printing credit.

Buy print credit with the UNSW Print Service.

Recharge options are located across campus.

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