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Getting Help at CSE

There are quite a few ways of receiving support at CSE. This page deals particularly with computing-related help. There is a section at the bottom with some pointers for other topics.

Computing resources and problems

The following resources should be consulted, in this order:
  • Frequently Asked Questions - You're here already.
  • CSE Support Forum. A collaborative forum frequented by staff and students. It is also regularly monitored by support staff.
  • CSE Helpdesk - Students and staff are welcome to contact the helpdesk during its opening hours.
  • System Support - System Support primarily supports staff, researchers and postgrads, and maintains the labs and severs. They monitor the Support Forum, and should not be contacted directly by undergrad students except for special requests (ask your question on the forum first). Their web page also contains contact details for serious after-hours issues.
You can find information on Current Service Issues in the Support Forum.

Other places to find Help

  • For course-specific help, you should contact your tutor or course administrator or lecturer-in-charge. This information should be provided as part of the course web page.
  • For enrolments and general administrative help, you can contact the CSE Student Services.
  • The CSE Student Representatives webpage provides some information on contacting Student Representatives.
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