Getting help

Getting Help at CSE

There are quite a few ways of receiving support at CSE. This page deals particularly with computing-related help. There is a section at the bottom with some pointers for other topics.

Computing resources and problems

The following resources should be consulted, in this order:
  • taggi - You're here already.
  • CSE Helpdesk - Students and staff are welcome to contact the helpdesk during opening hours.
  • System Support - System Support primarily supports staff, researchers and postgrads, maintains CSE labs and severs.

Other places to find Help

  • For course-specific help, you should contact your tutor or course administrator or lecturer-in-charge. This information should be provided as part of the course web page.
  • For enrolments and general administrative help, you can contact the CSE Student Services.
  • The CSE Student Representatives webpage provides some information on contacting Student Representatives.
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