Wireless Network

UniWide - UNSW Wireless Network

UniWide is the UNSW campus-wide wireless network for all staff and students.
UniWide is a UNSW Central-IT core service and CSG has no control over the resource. Please contact the IT Service Centre (51333) with any UniWide problems.

Information and setup instructions can be found on the UNSW IT website (students/staff).
Network SSID
Your zID
Your zPass

Eduroam service at UNSW

UNSW is part of the global eduroam network.

Visitors, staff and students, can connect to the internet via the eduroam service at UNSW, in addition to participating campuses both in Australia and overseas. …
As eduroam is a roaming service, there is no need to register at a participating campus, simply set up a eduroam wireless configuration and use your zPass credentials to log on.
Network SSID
your-zID@unsw.edu.au (eg: z3456789@unsw.edu.au)
Your zPass

UniWide Guest Access

Uniwide Guest access, for events, conferences and short-term visitors, can be arranged via the self-service portal at UNSW IT.

Unrouted network for devices

Used to connect special-purpose equipment. Information about this network has not been made public by UNSW IT. Please do not ask about it unless you already know what it is. (Administrator notes)
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