Wireless Network

UniWide - UNSW Wireless Network

UniWide is the UNSW campus-wide wireless network for all staff and students, maintained by UNSW IT - contact them directly for support.

Network SSID
Your zID
Your zPass

For more information, see these guides for students and staff.


UNSW is part of the global eduroam network.

Eduroam lets visiting staff and students from participating universities connect to wifi using their credentials from their home campus.

Network SSID
Your home-campus password

There are a limited number of Eduroam connections on campus, so we recommend that you used Uniwide instead where possible.

UniWide Guest Access

Uniwide Guest access (for events, conferences and short-term visitors) can be arranged via the self-service portal at UNSW IT.

UNSW Staff coordinating these events must register for this service in advance, before their guests arrive.

Unrouted network for devices

There is a special-purpose network for devices that can't use zID/zPass authentication.

This is typically used for special projects (robots, remote sensors, etc.), not for general use.

If you need access to this network, contact System Support.

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