Welcome to the home of CSG Policies. Policies regarding the use of CSE's computing resources are kept here. CSE's policies should be read in conjunction with UNSW's IT policies posted on the UNSW IT Services website.
Last edited by Computing Support Group 28/10/2010

Articles in Policies:

Acceptable username policy username
Allocation of old computers to Staff and Students asset, dispose, transfer, ownership, old
Computers Provided by CSE computer, phd, purchasing, staff, student, dualboot
CSE Standard Equipment
Distributed computing policy distributed
Loan procedure loan
Preferred suppliers purchasing, suppliers
Resource quotas policy quotas, resources
Self Administered Computers installation, administration, security

Tags in Policies:

a: administration asset
c: computer
d: dispose distributed dualboot
i: installation
l: loan
o: old ownership
p: phd purchasing
q: quotas
r: resources
s: security staff student suppliers
t: transfer
u: username