Borrow A Laptop

Can I borrow a laptop from CSE?

Yes, if you're a CSE HDR Student or staff, and you need to attend a conference or give a presentation.

CSG can provide a laptop for short-term loans (up to a week in most cases).

Since loan laptops are available on a 'first come, first served' basis, mail System Support to reserve your laptop in advance.

  • Laptops come pre-installed with MS Windows and Apple OS-X, and MS Office.
  • You will need your staff or student ID with you when you borrow the laptop.
  • If you have a supervisor, they will need to sign the loan form as well.
  • You can install any software you want on the laptop - the entire disk is wiped and re-imaged when you return it.
  • This means that you must save any data you want to keep, before you return it.
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