SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

GoDaddy certificate

CSE uses a wildcard certificate provided by GoDaddy Inc to secure most of its internet services. The details for the certificate are : SHA1 Fingerprint - 3A:D0:3B:03:14:67:89:1C:80:53:2B:A9:D8:5C:3D:CA:47:69:DC:E5 MD5 Fingerprint - 16:4A:3F:26:AA:70:5E:E6:69:F2:2D:D7:6C:09:2E:0A CA Root Certificates (if required) The Root Certificates used by this wildcard certificate are provided in most operating systems and browsers. Should you need to install certificates manually, they can be found at

CSE Root Authority

Some older services (openvpn, ftps) still use a self signed certificate. The Certificate Authority file can be downloaded from The details for the Root Authority certificate are : SHA1 Fingerprint - 0F:CB:68:22:FB:D2:13:3E:F6:89:A3:57:65:72:8B:42:E8:15:72:2D MD5 Fingerprint - 5F:ED:81:33:C8:02:08:09:8D:71:F0:E6:6E:28:90:77
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