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What Hosting Services can CSE provide?

Firstly, it must be emphasised that everything CSE hosts is subject to the university's Rules Relating to Student Use of Computing and Electronic Communications Facilities. Special attention should be paid to Clause 4 - Non permitted uses in that document. Provision of the below services may be subject to explicit approval by the University. All websites (including domain names) hosted anywhere within the university network or resources must comply with the following policy: UNSW Website Policy. This policy covers all uses, including domain names, of university resources in any form. You should read this. It provides a break-down of which parts of the policy apply depending on your exact use of the resource. Finally, please note that all requests must come from a suitable person. Student projects require sponsorship of an academic member of staff. Requests should be submitted through your supervisor/sponsor to System Support.

General Hosting - running your own server for an external project at CSE

System Support handles these requests on a case-by-case basis. Note that the UNSW Website Policy has explicit rules for domain names and other services that point inside the UNSW IP space.

Website Hosting - having your website hosted on CSE servers.

CSE can provide a "Utility" account for hosting a website. As for any account, it may provide a website inside the public_html directory, which will appear as See the section below on Virtual Hosts for further information on having a special domain name directed at this location. Please note that this service does not automatically include e-mail hosting. This is a separate service, and may not be required in most cases.

Virtual Hosts - Having CSE servers act as a separate domain (e.g.

CSE can tell its web servers to act as a virtual host for your domain. This means that you can point to CSE webservers, and they will appear to act as that domain, rather than Notes:
  • If your website requires CGI/PHP scripts under the virtual host, then it will need to point to the CGI servers, rather than the main WWW server. Be sure to include this requirement in your request to SS.
  • For technical details on what a virtual host is, refer to the Apache Web Server Documentation
What to do:
  • Request the virtual host from SS, who will (after authorisation) configure the web/cgi servers to accept your domain name.
  • Point your domain name to the appropriate IP addresses. If CSE is hosting your domain, then be sure to include this in your request. If you are managing your own domain, then you should run host, or host to get the IP address(es) to point your A records at. If it is a www.something domain, then you may simply by able to CNAME it to the CSE host.

DNS Hosting - Delegating your domain to be run by CSE DNS servers.

Contact System Support if you require this. Note that the UNSW Website Policy has explicit rules for domain names that point inside the UNSW IP space.

Mail Hosting - Having the CSE mail server accept and handle e-mail for a separate domain.

This is handled on a case-by-case basis - talk to System Support if you need this.

Secondary Mail Server - Having CSE act as a secondary MX for your domain.

As above - if you need this, talk to us.
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