Getting Software

Licensed software at CSE

UNSW and CSE have licensing agreements with a number of vendors to make software available to staff and students.

Microsoft OS and server software
The Imagine Webstore is available to currently enrolled CSE students.
Microsoft Office
Users with UNSW-owned macs can install Office through the Self-service app.
Office ProPlus is available for free to UNSW students
Office 365 University is available for AU$119 for 4 years.
Adobe Acrobat Professional
v11 available to staff and PhDs, on UNSW-owned computers.
Contact CSE System Support, to install it for you.
Additional notes:
The free Adobe Reader can handle a majority of general tasks, compare Adobe Reader & Adobe Acrobat
MSOffice has had the ability, since 2003, to save documents as pdf.
The VMWare Academic Program is available to currently enrolled CSE students.
Symantec Antivirus
Symantec AntiVirus is available for free to UNSW students.
Sophos Antivirus
Installed by default on UNSW-owned macs, via the self-service app.
See the Matlab page for details
Other licensed products
See the UNSW IT software pages for students and staff.
Also see UNSW myAccess for remote access to a range of virtual applications.
Other open-source software
The mirror has local respositories for Debian, Ubuntu, CPAN, CTAN and more.
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