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Available rooms

CSE provide a number of private bookable study/presentation spaces, for CSE Staff/Academics, CSE-HDR & some Tutors.
Room Location Room Type Occupancy CSE Workstation AV Access HoS Approval
Kens K17 G01/G02 Consult Room x4 CSE Linux PIN
Kens K17 103 HoS Committee Room x12 macOS yes HoS (Priority) yes (see note)
Kens K17 113 CSE Seminar Room x100 macOS yes swipe yes
Kens K17 203/204/402/403 Consult Room x4 CSE Linux PIN
Kens K17 301A/B HCI Lab x10 Data61 signin yes
Kens K17 302 Cisco Conferencing Room x10 yes Data61 (Priority) yes
Kens K17 401K/501M Postgrad Meeting Room x12 yes swipe + key
Kens K17 508 Consult Room (huddle) x5 CSE Linux yes PIN

Make a booking

In your preferred browser, goto Office365

  • URL:
  • User:
  • Pass:  zPass

Open Outlook365, and goto the Calendar app

Click on Calendar icon at the bottom left-hand side of the page.


Create a new event

Click New chevron button to select a new Calendar event


Use “Scheduling Assistant” to check room availability.

Click “Scheduling Assistant” button to view available meeting rooms, and if desired, the availability of meeting attendes


Note: “Scheduling Assistant” can only display schedules of UNSW email accounts. Schedules of your attendees managed by other calendar services will not be shown, i.e Gmail, iCloud.

Set Date&Time of your event

(optional) Add Attendees

If your attendees have an UNSW email account, it is recommended to add them first before selecting a room; should you wish to check their availabilities and track their responses.

Select a Room


Click “Add Room” button to view your options.

By default, only “Free” rooms will be shown.

If a room says Unavailable (Busy) for your chosen time, you must NOT book it.

Either choose a Free room or propose a new time.


NOTE: Do NOT select a meeting room if it is unavailable (busy) for your chosen time.

Use “Choose new room list” option to see free rooms from other available lists.

CSE has two (2) available meeting room lists:

  • Kens K17 Rooms – shared with Engineering Faculty
  • Kens K17 CSE Rooms – for CSE HDR students and Staff members

Confirm the Event Details

Click Ok to quit “Scheduling Assistant” then go back to Event editing page.

  • Make sure you have set the correct Date&Time and Chosen a Free meeting room;
  • Make sure the Meeting Room you selected is listed as an attendee of the event;
  • Make sure you add meaningful Title and Description for your event.

Click “Send” to create the event and send out your event invitation.

Verify a booking

Once you have sent your booking request to the meeting room (as an attendee), Outlook will create an event in your own Calendar to track response from all attendees.

Locate the event in your Calendar, expand the event to see responses and more details.


If your booking request has been approved, the Attendee Status of the meeting room should reads: Accepted


No Response

"No response" means your booking request is being reviewed but a decision has yet to be made. Please be patient and do NOT attempt to book another room or duplicate your booking.

. Booking_Under_Review


If the status reads: Declined. It means your booking request has been rejected.

You should refine the Event Title and Note fields by providing meaning information then resubmit the request again to the same meeting room or to request a different room.

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