Swipe card access

Swipe card access

Access to K17 and to CSE labs is controlled via your UNSW student or staff card.

Undergraduate and other Course-work Students

Students who study CSE courses will usually be able to enter the general purpose laboratories during the lab opening hours.

Students enrolled in some courses, such as their thesis course, will have access to the K17 building and a special purpose laboratory inside. Your lecturer will tell your if you need to use a special purpose laboratory.

Your card lets you access areas automatically based on your enrolment. Only ask Helpdesk staff for access to an area if:

  • You have tested your access and have found that it does not work, and
  • You have a reason to enter the area.

If a CSE Academic wants you to work on a special project and you need access to a restricted area then the Academic should request this access from CSE Facilities or the CSE Helpdesk.

If you are not enrolled in a CSE course this session then you will probably not have card access to CSE laboratories or login access to the CSE computers. You should enrol in a course or talk to the CSE Student Office about your enrolment before your card access can be fixed.

Fixing card access problems

If you are entitled to enter an area but cannot, you should go to the CSE Helpdesk.

If your enrolment is correct the Helpdesk staff may contact FM Assist on your behalf but you probably need to go to the FM Assist office. You probably have a problem with the card or the way the access system identifies the card. In this case, FM Assist will re-encode your card.

Tell FM Assist the CSE course you are studying that should give you access to the laboratories. They can check this and can ask the CSE Helpdesk for confirmation if they need that.

If after that you still cannot enter the laboratories go to the CSE Helpdesk or send an email. Be sure to tell the Helpdesk:

  • Who you are
  • The room to which you should have access
  • When you used your card to enter the room
  • When you went to FM Assist to re-encode the card
The Helpdesk will talk to FM Assist and resolve the problem with access.

CSE Staff and Research Students

You will need to speak to Facilities, who should be able to make the appropriate arrangements for you.

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