Video conferencing

Video conferencing

This page covers video conferencing at CSE. In particular, it details the school's Polycom HDX 7000 unit and provides instructions on how to connect to it, and how it can connect to other units.

Hardware specifications

The following are the specifications of CSE's video conferencing unit: Make: Polycom
Model: HDX 7000 HD
Location: Building K17 (mobile unit)
IP address:

Connecting to CSE

The recommended method of connection would be via IP address. It will depend on what unit and/or software you are using, but there should be somewhere to enter an IP address to dial. The information is as above.

Connecting from CSE

On the video conferencing unit, bring up the menu to dial a number and enter any of the following from the target unit: IP address, H.323 name, E.164 number. Please note that IP address dialling is the most tested and therefore the recommended method.

Booking the unit

The videoconferencing unit is managed by System Support; send us a mail or give us a call on 54199 to arrange to use it.

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