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Account Names at CSE

The acceptable username policy is our official definition of acceptable account names at CSE.

This page is a less formal explanation of the policy, and covers some of the practical effects of account name changes.

Can I change my username?

Generally: no, unless you are CSE staff.

Your CSE username is your zID, and your CSE email address is your

Although your username can't be changed, System Support can setup an account alias to give you a more human-friendly CSE email address.


Tutors should to use their UNSW public email address for interaction with their students.

If you are a tutor and you think you still need a named CSE account, please ask your teaching supervisor to request one on your behalf.

Staff and Visitors

Staff and Visiting academics are eligible for a "named" CSE account if they need one.

We recommend a username that is "initial of first name, plus full surname", or "full first name, plus initial of surname".

If you are given a named account your zID will stay as the primary account name, with the extra username as an alias.

This alias will work as a CSE email address (, home path (/home/alias/) and URL (

Note that you should always use your zID and zPass to log into our systems.

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