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Publishing Videos Online

How can other people download my videos?

General video hostings


UNSW operates a media archive called theBox. It allows UNSW staff to curate collections of online media files. (Not just videos.) Access restrictions can be applied to those files.


CSE has YouTube channel for Course Lectures. Senior CSE Academics have control of the account to upload videos.

There are other CSE channels, such as for publicity.

CSE Servers

Some video files are hosted on CSE servers, particularly the media webserver. (Requires CSE account login.)

Use of CSE servers for video hostings is not encouraged. If the load from storing or downloading videos becomes a burden, the Computer Support Group will require them to be moved somewhere more suited for hosting video.

Lecture Recording

Recordings+ / Echo360 / LR+

These UNSW Lecture Theatres are equipped to record lectures and those recordings can be viewed later by students. The service to record, and maintain an online catalogue is called: Recordings+

Teams Live

Various CSE courses deliver video teaching through Teams Live. Video-streams of lectures can be saved and made available for later download. The specific actions to do this are not known by the author.

Video within Teaching Websites

Moodle + Echo360

Echo360 recordings made of course lectures are linked to the Moodle site for the course.


Do not store store video files in WebCMS3. It doesn't have the resources to store, nor serve video files.

Instead, link from WebCMS pages to video hosted on other services such as Echo360 or YouTube.

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