A3 and Poster Printers

The page describes printing resources for personnel and students of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

A3 Printing

The staff printers at CSE can print A3. Only staff and researchers of CSE may use those printers.

The Fuji Xerox printers on each floor of the K17 building can print A3, via the STAFF-BLACK-PRINTER print queue.

The colour printer on Level 1 can accept colour A3 jobs via the STAFF-COLOUR-PRINTER print queue.

For more information, see our guide: Managed Print Service at CSE

Larger than A3

CSE operates a large format printer that can print up to size A0 A1. It is typically used to print A1 and A2 posters.

It will only be used to print posters for CSE staff and research students. Such posters must conform to UNSW's style guidelines for publicity material and must be for official CSE activities.

Posters for other purposes should be printed elsewhere, such as at the UNSW Print Centre.

For more information, see our guide: Poster Printing

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