Video Recording

Video Recording at CSE

CSE has not invested in video recording equipment (aside from smartphones) and has assigned no personnel to specialise in recording CSE events. There are compelling reasons for CSE to not engage an in-house video recording team.

To record a good video of your event:

  • The recording team should have good equipment and be familiar with it.
  • The venue should allow a good camera position and sound recording.
  • The recording team should be given time to prepare the venue and equipment.

Video Resources

Video Equipment

Video equipment can be borrowed from the Dean's Unit. (make a booking)

Video Recording Crew

Dean's Unit

The Engineering Faculty "Education Technology" group provides a Lecture Recording & Streaming Service:

The Lecture Recording & Streaming Service providesa high quality recording of your lectures which can be available straight after the end of the lecture or can be streamed live.

This lecture recording service captures “the lecturer”and “the screen display” as two separate video feeds that are edited live and exported in real time as a single recording.

The recording team is composed of 2 students; one student operating a camera and the other using a live streaming software on a laptop computer that applies different transitions and titles to the live recording.

UNSW Venues & Events

Video streaming is one of the services, along with catering, venues, ticketing and such provided by UNSW Venues & Events. If you are using one of their venues, you should enquire about the video recording and streaming they might be able to do there.

Automatic Lecture Recording

Putting Video Online

See: Video Publishing

Video Conference

Video conference resources at CSE are described here.

For a video recording to be useful later, it needs to be captured in good quality without interrupting the event. This is distinct from a video conference:

  • Video conferences require only simple equipment - maybe just a smartphone.
  • Video and sound are transmitted and viewed immediately rather than stored.
  • If the view isn't right or the speaker cannot be heard, the receiver can interrupt the speaker to ask that the equipment be adjusted.

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