Getting a zID

What is a zID?

From UNSW IT staff information:
Your username for accessing most UNSW online systems such as myUNSW, UNSW Blackboard, UNSW Standard Operating Environment (SOE) computers and the UNSW Exchange Email Service is your UNSW Login ID, which consists of a … ā€˜zā€™ followed by your UNSW ID (staff number).

What does a zID do?

Your zID username is used along with your zPass password to access almost all UNSW computing services, such as:

  • Uniwide wireless networking
  • printing, which requires zPass and a security ID card.
  • building and room access which requires a security ID card linked to your UNSW zID.
    (Temporary visitor cards, not linked to a zID, are an alternative.)
  • UNSW Email account
  • Access to UNSW computers, such as in the library.
And almost all CSE computing services, such as:
  • Account login credentials to CSE lab computers and SSH servers
  • Network file access (SMB)
  • myCSE
  • WebCMS3
  • CSE staff printing (requires zID and security card)
  • … etc.

What happens when my zID is deactivated?

The services described above will stop working for you.

Who needs a zID?

A zID is not needed if…

People who visit CSE for only a few days will generally not need a zID.

  • Academics visiting for a few days from other universities can use EduRoam if they need wireless networking.
  • Temporary visitor cards allow access to the building.

Formal appointments

In most cases people who have a formal contract with UNSW (employees, formal visitors) will be given a zID by UNSW Human Resources once their contract is finalised.

People involved in CSE academic work (who aren't paid) should be given a formal Visitor appointment. The CSE Academic who has engaged them should organise that with the CSE Head-of-School.

Other CSE Affiliates

Some people will need to formally apply for a zID. These include:

  • guest (unofficial) researchers who visit here for a few weeks
  • non-UNSW thesis supervisors
  • people (e.g.tutors) not yet allocated a zID due to administrative reasons

… then they will need a UNSW Identity and should definitely get a zID and an ID card.

The CSE computer systems cooperate with UNSW computer systems. For this to happen properly, people here should be given UNSW identities.

How to get a zID.

  1. Someone at CSE, usually the person's supervisor or for a guest the person who invited them, will need to download the Online Services Access for Contractors, Affiliated Organisations & Visiting Academics Form (OSA–02). Web access to this form is restricted to staff/students with a zID.
  2. The form is completed electronically (eg: edited in Adobe Reader) and authorised by the supervisor, HoS/School Manager by emailing it to the address stipulated on the form.
  3. UNSW IT will then contact the new person directly and tell them their zID and password.
  4. Important: Tell CSE's computer support what the new zID is. You need to do this so we know to link CSE computer resources to the new person's UNSW identity.

How to get an Security ID card

With a zID your guest can now get a security ID card.
  1. You guest goes to Estate Management for CSE and fills out and signs the Staff ID Application Form.
  2. They next go to FM Assist to have their photo taken for their card.
  3. The card can take about 24 hours to become active.

Further information can be found at the FM Assist website.


Can CSE Computer Support give my guest a zID?

No. The sponsor/supervisor should request a formal UNSW role for a guest.

Either engage the guest as a formal visitor or as a contractor. If in doubt, discuss the matter further with the School Manager.

My zID will be deactivated. Can CSE Computer Support renew it?


CSE Computer Support have no control over what zID accounts are active. And, no one warns us when one is going to be deactivated.

We keep our own records of when CSE people are likely to lose their zID accounts and we review their computing resources before their expected deadline.

You need to speak to your supervisor, the Head-of-School or UNSW HR if you want your zID account to stay active. The process of renewing an appointment can take several weeks, so get started on it soon.

Can a guest use a CSE account without an active UNSW zID?

Yes, but we prefer not to do this unless your guest is here for a very short time.

If we create an active CSE account with a CSE password then your guest can log in and use our computers. However, without a zID, the other services (Uniwide, printing, email, security card, …) will not work for them.

Please give your guest a formal role here and an active zID. That will give them access to general CSE computing services and allows us to manage their building access properly.

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