Getting a zID

Who needs a zID

Most people who visit CSE for more than a few days will need a zID. Although academics visiting for a few days from other universities might simply survive with EduRoam access.

Some people will need to formally apply for a zID. These include ...

  • guest (unofficial) researchers who visit here for a few weeks
  • non-UNSW thesis supervisors
  • people (e.g.tutors) not yet allocated a zID due to administrative reasons

If a person requires:

  • printer access
  • wireless access
  • security access
… then they will need a UNSW Identity and should definitely get a zID and an ID card.

The CSE computer systems cooperate with UNSW computer systems. For this to happen properly, people here should be given UNSW identities.

How to get a zID

  1. Someone at CSE, usually the person's supervisor or for a guest the person who invited them, will need to download the Online Services Access for Contractors, Affiliated Organisations & Visiting Academics Form (OSA–02). Access is to this form is restricted to staff/students with a zID.
  2. Once the form is completed and signed by the new person, HoS or School Manager (on his behalf) signs the form.
  3. The scanned form is emailed to Or, the form can be taken to one of the IT Assistance Counters either behind the library (Library Annexe) or in the Quadrangle Building.
  4. UNSW IT will then contact the new person directly and tell them their zID and password. UNSW IT do not tell us (CSE's computer support group) what the new zID is. So, you will need to tell us, when your new guest is told. Then we can link CSE account resources to the new person's UNSW identity.

Getting an ID card

With a zID they can now go to Tanya at CSE Facilities who will get them to fill out the Staff ID Application Form.

They sign it and go to FM Assist to have their photo taken for their card.

Further information can be found at the FM Assist website.

The card will take about 24 hours to process.

CSE Staff Printing

With a zID, zPass, and ID card the new person can access CSE staff printing.
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