Getting a zID

What is a zID?

Your zID is your username for virtually all systems run by UNSW and CSE.

It consists of a 'z', followed by your student or staff number, eg. z1234567.

Learn more at UNSW IT.

What does a zID do?

Your zID username is used along with your zPass password to access almost all UNSW computing services, such as:

  • Your UNSW Email account
  • Access to UNSW-maintained computers, such as the ones in the library.
  • Uniwide wifi
  • Student printing, which requires zPass and a security ID card.
  • Building and room access which requires a security ID card linked to your UNSW zID
    • Temporary visitor cards that don't need a zID are available for very short-term visitors
And almost all CSE computing services, such as:
  • Account login credentials to CSE lab computers and SSH servers
  • Network file access (SMB)
  • WebCMS3
  • CSE staff printing (requires zID and security card)

What happens when my zID is deactivated?

All the services described above will stop working for you.

Who needs a zID?

Short-term visitors

People who visit CSE for only a few days will generally not need a zID.

Academics visiting for a few days from other universities can use EduRoam if they need wireless networking.

Temporary visitor cards are also available for access to the building.

Formal appointments

In most cases, people who have a formal contract with UNSW (employees and formal visitors) will be given a zID by UNSW HRs once their contract is finalised.

People involved in (unpaid) CSE academic work should be given a formal Visitor appointment.

CSE Academic who has engaged them should organise that with the CSE Head-of-School.

Other CSE Affiliates

Some people will need to formally apply for a zID.

These include:

  • Guest (unofficial) researchers who visit here for a few weeks
  • Non-UNSW thesis supervisors
  • People (e.g.tutors) not yet allocated a zID due to administrative reasons

How to get a zID

  1. Your supervisor (or the person who invited you) will need to download an OSA-02 Form.
  2. They complete the form electronically and email it to the address provided.
  3. UNSW IT will then contact you directly and tell you your zID and password.
  4. Important: You or your supervisor will need to tell the Computing Support Group what the new zID is, so we can create your CSE account.

How to get a Security ID card

Once you have a zID you can get a security ID card:

  1. Your supervisor needs to submit a Staff ID Application Form on your behalf.
  2. Go to FM Assist to get your photo ID - you will need to take some other form of ID with you.
  3. The card can take about 24 hours to become active.

For more information, see Estate Management.


Can CSE Computing Support give my guest a zID?

No - you will need to request a formal UNSW role for a guest, either as a formal visitor or as a contractor.

If in doubt, ask the School Manager.

My zID will be deactivated. Can CSE Computing Support renew it?

No - CSE Computing Support has no control over what zID accounts are active - we only control the local computing account tied to your zID.

You need to speak to your supervisor, the Head-of-School or UNSW HR if you want your zID account to stay active.

The process of renewing an appointment can take several weeks, so don't leave it until the last minute.

Can a guest use a CSE account without an active UNSW zID?

Technically yes, but it won't be very useful without access to the shared services (wifi, printing, email, etc.) that a zID provides.

Please give your guest a formal role here and an active zID so they will have access to all available computing services and access to the building.

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