Borrow A Laptop

Short term loans of Windows Laptops

CSE operate a machine that dispenses laptops. It is on the ground floor of the K17 Building on the left when coming in the main entrance.

CSE students may get a laptop by tapping their student card on the card reader of the cabinet. Laptops must be returned to the machine within a few hours.

The laptops run the UNSW SOE software environment.

This automated cabinet has been operating at CSE since early 2022.

Also: The UNSW Library operate a similar laptop lending machine for all students of UNSW.

Longer loans of MacBooks

If you are a Higher Degree Research Student or Staff at CSE you can borrow a MacBook Air from us, the CSE Computer Support Group.

Loans of a MacBook can be for a few days and up to a week in most cases. Those loans are mostly for people attending conferences or giving presentations.

Send an email to tell us:

  • When you want the MacBook and when you expect to return it.
  • Any special requirements

These MacBooks only run UNSW SOE MacOS. When you borrow one, you will register with it using your UNSW zID/zPass. After that, if you have software you want to use that runs in MacOS, then you should be able to install it yourself and use it. The UNSW "Self Service" app is installed which allows you to select and install software packages prepared by UNSW.

Reset it before you return it.

The last thing you do before you return the MacBook should be to reset it for the next user:

  • Run the "System Preferences" application.
  • Select "General" → "Transfer or Reset" → [ Erase All Content and Settings… ]
  • Enter your zPass.
  • Etc…

You must save any data you want to keep, on an external device, before you reset the MacBook.

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