CSE Teaching Computer Laboratories

What Labs does CSE have?

LabRoom #Access
M-F 08:00-22:00, S-S 08:00-19:00
Operating System
J17 Ainsworth — Level 3
StringsJ17 302CSE tutors/studentsLinux
FluteJ17 303CSE tutors/studentsLinux
OboeJ17 304CSE tutors/studentsLinux
BrassJ17 305CSE tutors/studentsLinux
SitarJ17 306CSE tutors/studentsLinux
KoraJ17 307CSE tutors/studentsLinux
K17 CSE — Ground Level
K17 G07CSE tutors/studentsLinux
MoogK17 G14Graphics tutors/studentsMix Windows/VR and Linux
CHIK17 G13CSE tutors
HCI students
LyreK17 G12CSE tutors (24/7)
Thesis/Project students
Courses in Lyre
K14 Physics - under Physics Theatre
ClavierK14 LG20CSE tutors/studentsLinux
OrganK14 LG19CSE tutors/studentsLinux
PianoK14 LG18CSE tutors/studentsLinux

Loan Laptops

CSE students and tutors can loan laptops from the laptop locker located on the ground floor of K17 near the main entrance. TigerVNC is installed on the laptops so you can run VLAB on uniwide.

How do I find a Lab?

Here is a map.

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