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CSE System Support has access to a large-format printer that can print posters for research presentations and conferences.

If you email us a correctly-formatted PDF (see below), we can print it for you, at up to A0 size.

We do need a few days advance notice, as it's rather time-consuming and our other work has to take priority.

If you need your poster laminated, if you need it at short notice or if it's for non-CSE activities, then you should use the Green Print Centre instead.

UNSW Standard Research Poster

The University has provided powerpoint documents for research/conference posters. A zip file contains landscape and a portrait versions, these are A0 size, but can be scaled to A1 or A2 as needed.

The font for the heading lines must be Clancy, and Roboto Mono for subheading and author list.

The text for the poster should be either Clancy or Roboto.

  • Clancy: for headlines and intro text.
  • Roboto Light/Regular: for body copy.
  • Roboto Mono: for hightlights or to draw attention to information, e.g. captions or to emphasize details on layout.

You may need to download the fonts from the UNSW branding pages.

For a detailed description of the Branding Guidelines see the UNSW Style Guide

Preparing your poster

  • Keep background colour to a minimum.
  • Your poster needs to be in PDF format, with all fonts and images embedded in the file.
  • Your poster complies with the branding guidelines, more details at the UNSW Brand Hub.
  • Double and triple-check that:
    • You've used the official poster powerpoint document.
    • There are no bad line-wraps, spelling or grammatical errors.
    • There are no low-resolution images that will look grainy full-size.
    • The poster title, author list and body text use Clancy and Roboto fonts.
    • The university is referred to as UNSW Sydney.

If your poster doesn't conform to all the guidelines, we can't print it for you.

Choosing a size

Posters should generally conform to A series paper sizes, but the printer paper is actually slightly oversize (about 1.5cm wider for A1 and 7cm wider for A0)

Let us know whether your poster should be printed to the exact size, or to the full width of the paper - in either case you may need to trim your poster after you collect it.

You probably don't want an A0 poster - while they're impressively huge, they're very hard to transport, and even harder to mount properly.

However, we recommend that you always create your PDF at A0 size for the best-quality output, and we'll scale it down as needed when we print it.

Getting it printed

  • Give us a minimum of two working days notice, and let us know when you will need to collect your poster.
  • If you need your poster at short notice, use the Green Print Centre instead.
  • Email your PDF to, letting us know the poster size you need, and whether it should be exact- or full-sized.

Transporting your poster

CSE System Support may be able to loan you a poster tube if you are travelling with your poster.

If you are sending your poster by mail, you will need to buy your own tube.

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