Resources at CSE

What common computing resources are available at CSE?

Standard Resources

Special Resources

The below are not given automatically, but do not require additional authorisation: All additional resources are for academic/research purposes, and must be sponsored by an appropriate staff member (details on each page).
  • Thesis Labs
  • Hosting Services - Hosting websites, virtual hosts, DNS, mail, etc.
  • Self Admin Backups - How and where to backup data from your self-administered CSE computer.
  • Services Server - A special server to run services (e.g. web/database servers) on. Special mechanisms let you use privileged ports (e.g. port 80 for www).
  • Remote Machine Access - Remote access to machine XXX
  • Windows Software - accessing Windows software from a Linux computer.
  • Cluster Computing


If you need a resource not listed here, your best bet would be to contact People.SystemSupport with full details of what you need, and why.

Common Policy related Information

Policies governing the use of CSE computing resources can be found here.
Below are a few topics covering the commonly sought after information queried by users:
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