Remote machine access

Remote access to desktop machines

Users do not, by default, have permission to log into csg-linux machines (other than the login servers) remotely.

You can log in at the console, but attempts to connect via SSH will be denied.

If you DO require remote access to a desktop machine, ask your supervisor/sponsor/superior (if applicable) to request this access on your behalf.
Access to your own machine is no problem; access to any other machine will of course require permission from that machine's owner.

Access to lab machines

If you require SSH access to lab machines, you will need to discuss this with your supervisor (if applicable) and CSE System Support, to justify the request.

If approved, CSE System Support will place your account into an Access Class which will grant you ssh access to CSE Undergrad Labs.

You should understand that this is not something System Support take lightly, and that the teaching needs of lab users take absolute precedence.

Please take extreme care not to disrupt in-hours functioning of the lab machines; as a guide:
  • processes must-not be run during a scheduled lab-time.
  • run any processor intensive tasks out-of-hours.
  • preferably use a cron job on your desktop machine to remote-launch them, or launch them manually.
  • Lab opening hours can always be found from the Helpdesk Home Page.
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