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UNSW Office 365 Email Service, also Known as Cloud Email

From the Cloud Email Description page:

…we are upgrading our email system by relocating to Cloud technology to pave the way for new and improved services. This new service is referred to as ‘Cloud Email’.

Moving to the Cloud, provides all Staff, Students and Alumni improved environment stability, access to email, contacts and shared calendars from multiple devices including laptops, mobile and tablets. Email platform is regularly updated to the latest Microsoft version; this means you will always have the latest email functionality. No more downtime, waiting for email server backups and maintenance outages. Cloud email is safe and secure; your mail will be encrypted and hosted in Australia, meets the UNSW policies on privacy and record keeping and complies with Australia’s privacy laws.

Please note:

Setup Parameters

For more Reference Guides, please go to UNSW IT Cloud Email

access via Web Browsers

Password Your zPass

Apple Mail & Microsoft Outlook / Exchange Protocol (EWS)

Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook natively support Exchange protocol (EWS), it is then preferred to configure it via Exchange protocol.

Email Address Your official UNSW email address

Thunderbird / IMAP and SMTP Protocol

Username Your zID
Encryption/Security IMAP: SSL or SSL/TLS
Port IMAP: 993
SMTP: 587
Authentication Method IMAP: "Normal Password"
SMTP: "Normal Password"
Email Address Your official UNSW email address
Reply-To Your official UNSW email address

Known issue

Outlook 2010 for Windows authentication loop

In some rare cases, Outlook 2010(Windows) will repeatedly prompt for credential during configuration. If this happens, please make sure your Office 2010 is patched with the up-to-date Service Pack

More information please refer to Official documentation. Description of Office 2010 Service Pack 2

How to

Apply for a shared mailbox & calendar (Generic Exchange Account)

Generic shared Mailbox and Calendar on Exchange are possible to set up by submitting an Online Access form for Special Purpose Account (OSA05) form.

The form can be downloaded via:

See: Accessing UNSW Exchange Shared Calendar

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