Microsoft Imagine and ELMS


Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark, formerly MSDNAA) gives academic institutions access to Microsoft development and design tools, free of charge to registered students.

Imagine is provided through the ELMS webstore, under strict Usage Guidelines.

CSE or Faculty of Engineering?

CSE and the Faculty of Engineering currently run independent Imagine license agreements, with separate webstores.

The CSE Imagine Webstore is only available to CSE staff, or to students enrolled in at least one CSE course or postgrad program in the current semester.

The Faculty of Engineering Imagine Webstore is only available to Faculty staff, or to students enrolled in at least one Engineering course in the current semester.

Logging in

Log into the webstore with your UNSW zID and zPass to get access to licensed products.

(For the security-conscious: your zPass is authenticated locally, and not sent to Microsoft.)

Getting licences

Once you are logged in, you can get licenses for any of the products on offer.

Be aware that the licence agreement and usage guidelines are quite strict and specific: the software you use must be for your studies at UNSW, not for personal use.

Note that access to your keys on the site will expire, so we recommend you paste them into a mail to yourself for safekeeping.

Downloading the software

You need to be running Windows to download the software itself, because it's provided via a custom download manager.

On CSE lab machines

If you don't have a Windows machine available, you can always use the Windows virtual machine installed on CSE labs.

You will need to a USB stick or hard drive for the downloads, as they generally won't fit in your home directory or in the VM hard drive.

You must change the download location from C:\temp to your USB drive.

Make sure you have enough space available, because the image is decrypted and unpacked once it's downloaded.

Getting Help with ELMS for CSE Imagine

CSE System Suport can help you check that you're eligible for the CSE Imagine webstore

For all other problems or questions, you should contact the Microsoft e-academy directly via the webstore FAQ.

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