The UNSW Matlab Software License Overview

License Type 1: Network License (for UNSW owned hardware)

This license applies to UNSW/CSE tagged hardware.

To obtain the software and Network License

License Type 2: Standalone License (for Personal hardware)

This license applies to Personal hardware.

UNSW Staff & Students may install a Standalone License on personal devices, if it is to be used for study, research and/or teaching purposes pertaining to UNSW.

This Standalone License restricts:

  • Matlab to be installed on only one(1) privately owned machine at a time.
  • An active UNSW account and subsequent '' or '' email to enable this license.
  • This license is for active UNSW students or staff ONLY. If the user terminates their relationship with UNSW, they are required to uninstall this software.
To obtain a Standalone License:

CSE managed computers

All CSE computers that are administered by the Computer Support Group, (i.e. lab machines, login server(s) such as weill or williams) have Matlab installed on them by default.

To use Matlab on such machines, login and run matlab. (currently v.2012b)

If the UNSW Network License is expiring

If you are using the UNSW site license then you may get a message saying it is close to expiring. This will be because the site license is close to expiring and everyone using the UNSW license will see this message.

You need to connect your computer to UNSW Network, either through a wired network connection or an UNSW VPN session, to renew the license.

If your copy's license does not automatically update, you can manually update it by going to HelpLicensingUpdate Current Licenses...

Obtaining and installing previous versions of Matlab

Matlab versions back to 2006b are available to download from the Mathworks website, via your personal Mathworks account login.
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