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Mail Redirection and Lists at CSE

The main mechanism used at CSE for mail redirection and mailing lists is called mlalias. This is a CSE-written program which lets users create and maintain lists, and is only used within CSE. The simplest use of mlalias is to redirect your CSE mail somewhere else, such as to your UNSW account or outside to Gmail, Hotmail, etc... For more complicated uses of mlalias see:
  • Mlalias Introduction
  • Virtual aliases - Automatically-generated mailing lists based on CSE account types. Useful for mailing all current teaching staff, tutors, students currently enrolled, etc.
Other mailing list mechanisms:
  • The Enrol Pageboy - A flexible method of sending email to students enrolled in any particular year and session in any combination of courses, programs, and/or plans.
  • Alumni Accounts - Mail forwarding for UNSW students who have graduated
See also: Commonly used mailing lists at CSE.

UNSW IT Mailing List Systems

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