Initialise account

Use your zID and zPass on CSE computing resources

If you are at UNSW as a student, employee or academic visitor you will probably have a UNSW zID (account name) and zPass (account password).

The zID/zPass system is explained further at these webpages for students and staff.

If you need to use CSE computing resources, you will be given a CSE computer account linked to your zID and your zPass. Simply log into your CSE account with your zID/zPass. (You do not set a CSE password)

When your CSE account is active

New coursework students

You can log into CSE computers using your zID/zPass:
  • When you have enrolled, and
  • After the start of O-week for the session of your enrolment

New research students

You can start using CSE computers as soon as you have a zPass.

Your zPass does not work until you:

  • Log into myUNSW. You will probably use a UniPass password.
  • Accept the offered Program
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Enrol in a subject (if you are required to attend coursework)
  • Wait about four hours for UNSW Student Central to process the enrolment
If myUNSW says you are "matriculating" then student central has not finished processing.

Your CSE account will be active the morning after your zPass is active.

If you or your supervisor tell CSE system support your student ID, we will setup your CSE account early so it will work as soon as you have a zPass.

For continuing students

Your access will remain active year-on-year as long as you remain enrolled in a CSE program.

For staff and visitors

Staff and visitor accounts are handled somewhat differently to student accounts in that they are manually created by CSE IT Support upon receipt of a new person form. The CSE computer account will be set up to match the zID/zPass.

If you have a zID/zPass (UNSW login) use those to log into CSE computers and websites.

If you do not have a zID

If you are invited to CSE but are not given a zID/zPass you should probably get a Guest zID. Please read our guide to getting a Guest zID.

It is very unlikely that you will be asked to use CSE computers without a zID/zPass. If you are, you will be given an initial CSE password with instructions on how to change it or follow the instructions below:

  • If you are at CSE, locate an unused linux lab computer showing a login screen and enter your username and the given initial password
  • If you are not at CSE, start a remote shell connection with the SSH protocol to and then login as yourself
  • Your first login may be a bit slow as the system creates a home directory for you.
  • At the prompt, type passwd and [Return] to change your password
  • You will need to set a strong password: one which is not a word in a dictionary and preferably contains numbers, capital letters and punctuation characters
  • You will then exit or log off
You should be able to login with your new username and new password within 5-10 minutes. If you encounter problems, contact CSE System Support.
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