Network Firewalls at UNSW

UNSW Network Blocking

For almost all computers in UNSW, the UNSW firewall blocks connections on these ports/services from outside UNSW:
  • Windows Sharing and RPC - 135, 139, 445, 593, 1025
  • Windows Remote Desktop - 3389
  • Email - 25
  • Other/Worm - 1023, 2745, 3127, 4444, 5000, 5554, 6129, 9898
(Current to Sept. 2013) Opening the firewall for these ports will require a service request to UNSW IT Services and a good justification for doing so. Generally, a better thing would be to use a VPN connection into UNSW to access these services on the computers inside.

CSE Network Blocking

CSE imposes a firewall over most computers in CSE that blocks almost all ports for external computers. If you have a registered computer at CSE then you can open selected ports using CSE's User Firewall controls. It is generally better to leave your computer blocked from the outside world and access it over a VPN connection.
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