Available Software

Available Software

This page lists the software that is available to staff and students at CSE. If you cannot find the software you are looking for anywhere on this page (or its subsequent links) then it is likely that we are unable to provide it.

Software mirror

A variety of software can be found on the CSE software mirror for operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. This software includes: CPAN, CTAN, Cygwin, Debian and Debian CDs, Fedora, Ubuntu

Automatic updates

Automatic Updates at CSE are managed by the host OS. Historically, CSE hosted Windows and OSX Updates servers. In the unlikely event you are still connecting to these, go here.

Essential Windows Software

This page will try to list some of the most used software packages for Microsoft Windows. All files linked here are on UNSW servers and downloading them will not count towards your IP quota.

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows is provided free to staff and students at CSE under a UNSW site license.
For further details about obtaining Microsoft Windows, please visit the Microsoft Windows FAQ page.

Other Microsoft software packages available for Windows

The School of Computer Science and Engineering is a member of the Microsoft Imagine program. This means that CSE have a license agreement with Microsoft to provide software to staff and students. This is administered by ELMS (e-academy License Management System). Furthermore, Microsoft developer tools such as Visual Studio and server software such as Windows Server along with training and certification programs are available to students directly through Imagine. You can use your student.unsw.edu.au email address to register for this service. (For a complete list of software available, follow the link.) The former MSDNAA system can be accessed through the MSDNAA mirror site (CSE username and password required). For Microsoft Office information, please see the section below.

Antivirus & Antispyware

  • Symantec Antivirus The University has licensed Symantec Antivirus for all staff and students, as well as their home PCs. We strongly advise all Windows users install this. See Symantec_AntiVirus
  • Adaware
  • Spybot

Internet software

  • Mozilla Firefox (web browser) Firefox is an excellent browser and is recommended over Internet Explorer for everyday use.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (email) Although Windows ships with Outlook Express, you may also like to try an alternative.

Office Suites

  • Open Office
  • Microsoft Office is available under CAUDIT for UNSW staff. See below.

Accessing Linux Servers

  • puTTY (SSH terminal) puTTY is an excellent open source SSH client. You can download the client from our mirror.
  • winSCP (file copy utility)WinSCP will allow you to easily copy files between your PC and your CSE home directory.

Microsoft Office

We are able to provide Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac OSX. However, this falls under the Microsoft CAUDIT licence programme for UNSW, which has tighter restrictions on software. If you would like a copy of MS Office, you should read the relevant UNSW IT page.

We will only install it on:

  • CSE or UNSW-owned computers
  • With some restrictions, on a personal computer of a CSE staff member.
We will not install it:
  • In a virtual machine.
  • On two different operating systems on the same computer.
  • On a personal computer (owned by you, not CSE) unless you are a staff member.
Furthermore, we cannot lend out the installation media and so have to perform the installation ourselves.
  • Laptops: Please bring your laptop down to System Support (room 111, building K17) during business hours
  • Desktops: Please contact ss@cse.unsw.edu.au (or x54199) to arrange an installation time during business hours, quoting your machine's asset code (found on a yellow or white barcode on the machine) and your office/desk number

Student-owned Computers — MS Office

If you are not a UNSW Staff member then CSE cannot install MS Office on your personal (not UNSW owned) computer. UNSW students now have an Office 365 account which includes online versions of your favourite Office features and allows you to create sophisticated reports and presentations, collaborate in real time with classmates as well as share and edit documents from computers and mobile devices.

You might also buy a subscription to MS Office 365 University which is is a 4-year subscription built to help eligible students get things done from virtually anywhere and all their devices.

Apple productivity software

We do not have a licence to provide any Apple productivity software such as iWork and Keynote, so you may need to purchase these from the App Store. Note that for some time Keynote, Pages and Numbers are included with new Mac purchases and can read and write Microsoft Office formats, If you want we can provide Microsoft Office for Mac.


Matlab is available for general use on all CSE lab machines. In addition to this, the university carries a site-licence that allows staff members (and students with staff IDs) to use the software outside of the CSE lab machines for research purposes. Please contact SS to arrange access to the Matlab installers. More information on using Matlab can be found at the Matlab FAQ page.


The VMware Academic Program (VMAP) is a service provided by VMware which allows current students and staff of CSE to obtain one year licences for a range of virtualisation products. Products include VMware Workstation 7.0, Fusion 3.0 for Mac and vSphere. For more information see the VMware FAQ Page.

PDF Viewers and Editors

Adobe Acrobat is the classic choice for PDF display software. There are many free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for various purposes:
  • Applications often have a way to generate PDFs directly, (MS Office can) so you do not need Acroread to handle the task.
  • You may wish to consult this useful Whirlpool wiki page to find the right application for you.
  • A free, platform-independent program to modify PDFs is PDF Split and Merge.
  • The standard display program in Mac OS X, Preview, is quite capable of displaying, annotating and manipulating PDFs.
  • If you do a great deal of PDF annotation on a Mac you might like Skim which is a free PDF utility designed with academics in mind.

Adobe Acrobat (and other Adobe products)

For a generic PDF viewer, you can download the free version of Adobe Reader directly from Adobe. There is a chart comparing its features against Adobe's paid-for PDF manipulation programs.

Licensed Adobe Software is available in some cases from UNSW IT Services. See below.

UNSW IT Software Distribution

IT at UNSW provide a range of software to staff and students. They are either site-licensed or available at a discounted price.

Adobe Acrobat Professional

UNSW has a site license for Adobe Acrobat Professional XI (version 11). You may only install it on UNSW controlled devices if you are a Staff member of CSE please contact CSE System Support for secure activation of the software.

Adobe Products

Other Adobe products (inc. Adobe Acrobat Professional for personal use) are available at (we assume) a discounted per-user price, to UNSW staff, using UNSW eProcurement.
There is a UNSW IT page that explains how to order Adobe products.

Symantec AntiVirus

UNSW has a site license for Symantec AntiVirus, available for staff and students as a CD image (ISO). You can download this image and install the application in one of two ways:
  • burn it to a CD using a tool like ImgBurn and run the burnt CD.
  • load the image directly using a tool like Virtual Clone Drive from SlySoft (preferred).

Microsoft Office

See Microsoft Office section above.
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