Accessing UNSW Exchange Shared Calendar

Apply for UNSW Shared Calendar

Online Access form for Special Purpose Account form (OSA 5) can be used to apply UNSW shared Exchange Calendar account.

For more information regarding OSA5 form, please visit:

Subscribe to Shared Calendar in Apple Calendar

Shared Exchange Calendar is actually an Exchange account with mailbox feature disabled. Therefore, it will not be a surprise that each shared Exchange Calendar is associated with an email address (even though email delivery to it might be blocked).

Follow the steps to add a shared Exchange Calendar into your Apple Calendar …

Find out the email address for Shared Calendar

  1. Search the Shared Calendar in your Email Address Book

    If you use Microsoft Outlook for Mac, you may use the build-in address book in Outlook

    For Apple Mail users, it is recommended to do so via Apple Contacts app rather than search in Apple Mail itself

    In Apple Contacts, specifically choose search in All Directories

  2. Take a note of the email address from your search results. The email address for shared calendar start with: 'm' It will look like

Subscribe to Shared Calendars

  1. Launch Apple Calendar
  2. Go to CalendarPreferences

  3. If you have multiple accounts, choose your UNSW Exchange account
  4. Go to AccountsDelegation
  5. Click '+' icon in the Delegation section
  6. Type in the email address for the shared calendar in the Users field
  7. Wait until the shared calendar account is returned in the dynamic search drop-down list
  8. You MUST choose the shared calendar account from drop-down list, manual entry will NOT be accepted
  9. If you have access to this Shared Calendar, you will be able to tick "Show" to view it in your Apple Calendar

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