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IT: The Basics

Central Services
Connecting to the UNSW Wi-Fi network (inc. Eduroam)
Reading your UNSW email
Your CSE Account
Your username and password
Changing or resetting your zPass
Connecting from your own computer (via. SSH)
Your CSE Home Directory
CSE Computer Labs
Lab Usage Policy
Locations and Opening hours
Lab-Timetable (today)
VLAB - The virtual CSE Lab Environment:
Printing (coursework students)
In the labs
Over wifi
Recharging your print credit
Common questions
It says I'm over disk quota - what do I do?
Can I get Windows / Office / etc?
I deleted some files in my home directory - can I restore them from backups?
Getting Help
Technical Support at CSE
CSE Student Services (Administration)

For Postgrads, Researchers and Academics

Central Services
Printing and Commercial Printing
Booking a room (K17)
CSE Services
Borrowing a laptop (short term)
Poster Printing
Your computer
Getting a computer [download the form]
Connecting to the CSE wired network
Keeping your computer secure
Taking CSE/UNSW equipment off-campus
Keeping your old computer

For staff

New people arriving
New Person form
OSA_02 form: zID for visitor
Public relations and publishing
UNSW Brand Facts & Start Kit (pdf)

What's New

CSE Virtual Lab Environment
2017s2 A fully functional virtualised CSE Lab Environment is now available for all staff and students.

Hardware changes
2018s1, Hardware refresh: K17 Consult Rooms (Lvl-G,2,4,5); HP-800G3 AIOs.
2018s1, Hardware refresh: K14 (clavier,organ,piano) labs; HP-E233 23" monitors.
2018s1, Hardware refresh: K17 Basement (drum) lab; HP-800G2 DM.
2018s1, Hardware refresh: K17 Ground (tabla) lab; HP-800G2 DM & E240 monitors.
2018s1, Hardware refresh: K17 Ground (oud) lab; HP-E231 monitors.
Also see the CSE Changes Archive
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Articles in FAQ:

A3 and Poster Printers printing, a0, a1, a2, a3, large
AARNET CloudStor cloud, storage
Accessing Your Files home, directory, homedir, files, fileserver, samba, sftp, upload, download
Account backups account, backups
Account Classes and Groups account, group, class, expiring, expiry
Account Disabled account, disabled, permitted
Account expiry account, expiring
Account names account, username
Account not backed up account, backup, treemax, buff, limit
Accounts Overview account
Adding MPS printers under OSX Yosemite printing, yosemite, apple, mps
Alumni Accounts account, alumni, email
Apt proxy apt, proxy
Backing Up Your Data backup, lost, data
Book a room on Office365 book, booking, room, myCSE, Office365
Booking lab computers booking, labs
Borrow A Laptop laptop, loan, borrow
Calendar calendar
CGI scripts CGI, php, scripts, web, htaccess
Changes Archive
Cluster computing cluster, computing
Computers Provided by CSE computer, provision
Condor condor, distributed, computing
Connecting to VLAB
Converting files to and from postscript convert, pdf, ps, postscript, latex
Course groups course, group
Courtesy and Collaboration Accounts account, expiry, courtesy, collaboration, thesis
Creating a website html, web, url
Credit Card Payments
Cron jobs cron
CSE lab map lab, map, location
CSE Server Information server
CSE Wired Network wired, network, DHCP, dns
Disk Quota disk, quota, space
Displaying Postscript and PDF files postscript, pdf
Dual Boot
Extra disk space disk, extra, quota
File permissions file, permissions
Filenames with special characters delete, rename, filename, special, hyphen
Firewall Firewall
Fluxbox fluxbox
General Mail Lists email, mail, lists, seco, eco
Gentoo gentoo, linux, distro
Getting a zID zID, guests, OSA, OSA02
Getting help help
Getting Software software, office, windows, vmware
Gitosis git, gitosis
Group accounts account, group
Hosting services hosting, services
Initialise account account, initialisation, logging, initialise, activate
Installing fedora fedora, linux, distro, yum
Licence Servers licence, licensing, lm
Logging In With SSH
Login problems account, password, login, disabled
Mailing lists lists, email, mail
Managed Print Service at CSE printing, printer, mps, toshiba, central
Mathematica mathematica
Matlab matlab, license
Microsoft Imagine and ELMS Microsoft, Imagine, DreamSpark, ELMS, Windows, Visio, Project, Visual, Studio, MSDNAA
Microsoft windows windows
Mlalias alias, email, forwarding, lists, mlalias, redirecting
Mlalias authorised posters mlalias, email, lists, moderation
Mlalias moderation mlalias, moderation, email, lists
myAccess myAccess, aaa, citrix, software
New Person Form webform, visitor
New to CSE help, overview, introduction, welcome
NoLogin Accounts file, nologin
Not receiving email email
Office 365 Email email, exchange, cloudemail, office365
Opening Shared Calendars in Apple Calendar calendar
OpenVPN VPN, openvpn, network, wireless
Out of paper printing, paper, toner
Personal domain domain, web, htaccess
Pine GPG GPG, pine, email, encryption
Poster Printing printing, a0, a1, a2, poster
Printing from CSE labs printing, printer, mps
Printing from selfadmin computers printing, printer, selfadmin, toshiba, lexmark
Printing multiple pages printing, multiple, mlpr
Python Libraries
Really quick guide to VLAB
Redirecting mail email, redirecting
Redirecting root email redirecting, root, email
Remote machine access remote, ssh, lab
Resources at CSE common, resources
Restoring files from backup backup, delete, restore, tkrestore
Restricting web access authorised, https, restricting, security, web, htaccess
Robots txt file robots, web
Running your computer selfadmin, linux, windows, network, printing
Running your own server database, server, grieg, mysql, postgresql, apache
Saving files to postscript printing, postscript
Scratch space scratch, storage
Secure file permissions file, permissions, security
Security Cameras security, webcam, camera, monitoring
Self admin backups backup, feldman, selfadmin
Setting proxies proxies, web
Setting up mysql mysql, server, database
SSH authorized keys for course class accounts SSH, class_accounts, authorized_keys
SSH Key Files SSH, authorized_keys, passphrase
SSL Certificates SSL, certificate
Staff accounts account, staff, visitor
Student accounts account, student
Swipe card access swipe, card, access, labs
The Enrol Pageboy email, enrolment
Ubuntu ubuntu, linux, distro
Unipass unipass, password
Unix file permissions unix, file, permissions
UNSW Exchange Email Service Exchange, email, OWA
UNSW File System file, storage, central, unsw, quota, disk
UNSW Mobile Phones mobile, phone, optus, lost, sim
USB storage on CSE Lab Computers USB, flash, labs, removable, storage
User Firewall firewall, network, port
User managed groups group, account, priv, umg
Using IMAP IMAP, email
Using maildir maildir, email, IMAP
Vacation mail email, vacation, autoreply, outofoffice
Video conferencing video, conference, videoconference
Vina cluster vina, cluster
Virtual aliases alias, email, lists, mlalias, virtual
VLAB - The technical details virtual, remote, vlab, vnc, labs
VMware Academic Program
VNC vnc, remote, ssh, X11, graphical
VPN VPN, wireless, OpenVPN, PPTP, Cisco
Warranty Support Numbers Apple, HP, microsoft, support, warranty
Window managers gnome, KDE, fluxbox, linux, labs
WindowsLabSoftwareList Windows, Lab, Software
Wireless Network uniwide, eduroam, wireless, wifi, network, guest
zPass Keeps Locking password, zpass, locked, disabled, unlock

Tags in FAQ:

a: a0 a1 a2 a3 aaa access account activate alias alumni apache Apple apple apt authorised authorized_keys autoreply
b: backup backups book booking borrow buff
c: calendar camera card central certificate CGI Cisco citrix class class_accounts cloud cloudemail cluster collaboration common computer computing condor conference convert course courtesy cron
d: data database delete DHCP directory disabled disk distributed distro dns domain download DreamSpark
e: eco eduroam ELMS email encryption enrolment exchange Exchange expiring expiry extra
f: fedora feldman file filename files fileserver Firewall firewall flash fluxbox forwarding
g: gentoo git gitosis gnome GPG graphical grieg group guest guests
h: help home homedir hosting HP htaccess html https hyphen
i: Imagine IMAP initialisation initialise introduction
k: KDE
l: lab Lab labs laptop large latex lexmark licence license licensing limit linux lists lm loan location locked logging login lost
m: mail maildir map mathematica matlab Microsoft microsoft mlalias mlpr mobile moderation monitoring mps MSDNAA multiple myAccess myCSE mysql
n: network nologin
o: office office365 Office365 openvpn OpenVPN optus OSA OSA02 outofoffice overview OWA
p: paper passphrase password pdf permissions permitted phone php pine port poster postgresql postscript PPTP printer printing priv Project provision proxies proxy ps
q: quota
r: redirecting remote removable rename resources restore restricting robots room root
s: samba scratch scripts seco security selfadmin server services sftp sim software Software space special SSH ssh SSL staff storage student Studio support swipe
t: thesis tkrestore toner toshiba treemax
u: ubuntu umg unipass uniwide unix unlock unsw upload url USB username
v: vacation video videoconference vina virtual Visio visitor Visual vlab vmware vnc VPN
w: warranty web webcam webform welcome wifi Windows windows wired wireless
x: X11
y: yosemite yum
z: zID zpass