Loan procedure

Procedure for the loan of school equipment.

Summary of Procedure

There is often a need to take various school assets of campus. The school has a 'Equipment Loan Form' which facilitates the loan and acts as a record of the loan. School equipment cannot be taken off campus without prior authorisation from the Head of School. Adequate notification should be given to allow for various signatures to be sought.

Who This Procedure Applies To

This procedure applies to any school asset, which has a school barcode(either a UNSW(6-digit) or a CE(6-digit) barcode), which is to be taken off campus.

Procedure Description

  1. Request is made for the loan of a school asset, either by email, phone or in person.
  2. Blue loan form is collected and filled out by requester.
  3. CSG or Stores ensure the loan form is signed by the Head of School and, if applicable, the supervisor before releasing the asset, no exceptions.
  4. Blue loan form is collected by CSG or stores and the equipment is released. If collected by CSG the loan form is to be sent to stores, as they administer all school loans.
  5. Stores update the schools Asset Database.
  6. All loans are to be returned to stores who acquit the loan. A copy of the form can be given to the person for there records if requested.
  7. Stores update the schools Asset Database.
  8. Stores notify CSG on the return of the asset.
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