Distributed computing policy

Distributed Computing Policy

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Summary of Policy

Users occasionally require more than the use of a desktop and the general-access servers in order to do their research. CSG has a couple of options available for distributed computing.

Who This Policy Applies To

Staff, postgraduate research and undergraduate honours students with a need to use more than a couple of computers to conduct their research.

Who Maintains This Policy

Computer Support Group.

Policy Description

There are two server clusters available in CSE for users with a legitimate need for multiple computers: LeoCluster (decommisioned 8th November 2016) and Hosts.VinaCluster. Leo is intended for AI research; access to it is currently affirmed by Waleed Kadous. Vina can be used for any research; access to it is currently affirmed by Manuel Chakravarty. People.SystemSupport will then be notified and will put the user in the relevant access class, after which they will be able to login to the cluster. On very rare occasions, research may require more computers than these clusters can offer, in which case overnight use of the student laboratories may be requested from People.SystemSupport. Access to the labs is only granted after the researcher (and supervisor, if applicable) discusses their research requirements with the CSG Manager. Daytime use of the student laboratories for research is not granted. Users who require more powerful computers than CSE can provide could consider consulting the High Performance Computing Support Unit.
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