VMware Academic Program


The VMware Academic Program (VMAP) is a service provided by VMware which allows current students and staff of CSE to obtain 12/24-mnth licences for a range of virtualisation products.

Products include VMware Workstation, Fusion for macOS and vSphere.

To access VMAP, go to the CSE webstore

See the VMAP Usage Guidelines and End User Licence Agreement.

Using VMAP

Authentication and user data

When you select the sign-in link from the home page, the VMAP system will connect to an authentication server at CSE. You will need to use your CSE credentials to log on. Your CSE username and password are entered on a system controlled by CSE and are not transferred to or stored on the VMAP site.

The authentication server returns your UNSW ID, given name, family name and CSE email address to the VMAP system. This data is necessary to create an account for you, and to enable the VMAP system to send product download information and product keys.

Getting Help with VMAP

VMAP is a third party product, and any support queries should be directed at e-academy directly, using the information in the Help section of VMAP.

CSE System Support can assist with checking your eligibility to access the VMAP service, but cannot help you retrieve your unique product-keys.

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