UNSW Mobile Phones

UNSW Mobile Phones

Some staff at CSE use mobile phones that are on a UNSW service contract with Optus. The phone handset may or may not be also owned by UNSW.

Lost or Stolen Phones

If a phone is lost or stolen it is important to disable the number quickly as it may be used to incur large call fees for UNSW. Allocating a new SIM is relatively quick and simple during office hours. Once the new SIM is assigned the old SIM can no longer be used. Call Deana McKenzie (02 9385 8085, deana.mckenzie@unsw.edu.au) at UNSW IT and ask to transfer the number to a new SIM. A stock of spare SIMs is kept by UNSW IT and Deana can ask Optus to assign one of them a contracted number at short notice. A number can be immediately blocked by calling the Optus Mobility and Converged Technical Service Desk at 1800 200 487. This number provides technical troubleshooting support 24x7. It also provides Optus Business Mobile coverage info. To use this service you must have your mobile number and end user name as it appears on the Corporate Account that UNSW has with Optus. An RWS should be submitted to get the new SIM. This is needed for stock reconciliation and an account code should be provided. The spare SIMs are free, however.
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