UNSW Letter Template

On a CSG linux machine the LaTeΧ class file is: /usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/unsw/unswletter.cls

For information on the rest of the layout of your CSE letter use the command: man letterhead
or read the comments in the unswletter.cls file.

A sample LaTeΧ document that uses the class: \documentclass[colourcrest,cse]{unswletter} \name{Joe Bloggs} \email{j.bloggs@unsw.edu.au} \begin{document} \begin{letter}{(Where this letter \\ is coming from.)} \opening{Dear Recipient,} Some text. Some more text. \closing{Regards,} \ps \ldots Some postscript comments. \end{letter} \end{document}

For Win or Macintosh you can download the template from our web site at: http://mirror.cse.unsw.edu.au/pub/letterhead/ (Not currently updated to latest format.)

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