UNSW File System

What is it?

As well as your normal CSE home directory, you also have access to a separate directory on central UNSW file servers, maintained and provided by ITS. Files placed there do not affect your CSE disk quota; you can store things there even when your CSE home directory is completely full.

How do I access it?

On any CSE Linux machine (eg. lab computers and login servers)

It is available under the /unsw/<Your zID> directory on the file system.

On Mac

Additionally, using the WebDAV protocol (Note: this can be slow for uploading large files)
  • Go to https://myfiles.unsw.edu.au
  • Click on the folder below "My Home Drive" e.g. Staff000/zID
  • Copy the url e.g. https://myfiles.unsw.edu.au/Staff000/zID
  • Paste it on Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server...
  • Enter username: adunsw\zID and zPassword
The folder will be mounted on /Volumes and you can now save files into your UNSW folder by specifyfing the folder /Volumes/zID

On Windows

What can I use it for?

Anything you want - however UNSW policy encourages users to store only study and research-related materials on their servers. A couple of small permisssion-related things to be aware of:
  • You cannot make the files there readable by other CSE accounts; group permissions do not apply.
  • Linux file permissions are 'faked'; chmod will have no effect.

Where can I get more information?

ITS has comprehensive documentation on their service - take a look at their Staff User Guide and Student User Guide.
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