Gentoo at CSE

This page provides information useful if you are running Gentoo at CSE.

Installation Media

You can get the Gentoo installation CD/DVD media on the CSE Mirror, Probably here.

Updates and Maintenance

We recommend that you set your local mirror to CSE's. This way you get all the latest distfiles without costing you any IPQ! At present CSE doesn't provide an rsync mirror for emerge sync. To use the CSE mirror, you need to edit the /etc/make.conf file, and find a line about GENTOO_MIRRORS. You should either set this to only the CSE mirror, or just add the CSE mirror to the start of the list (note that this will use other mirrors if CSE is unavailable, thus using your IPQ). You will end up with a line like this. # Use CSE's mirror GENTOO_MIRRORS="" ## Or using other mirrors # GENTOO_MIRRORS=" http://some.other.mirror/gentoo ..."
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