What is Fluxbox?

Fluxbox is a window manager based on BlackBox, designed to be full-featured but light on computing resources.

It tries to leave you with as much screen space to yourself as possible, providing multiple desktops to organise your workspace.

Main menu

Right-click on a blank area of the desktop to show the menu.

Switching workspaces

Press Alt-F[num] to switch workspaces.

For example, Alt-F1 for the first workspace, Alt-F2 for the second, etc.

Moving windows between workspaces

Right click on the window's top bar, select Send to, and select a workspace

Configuring Fluxbox

  • In the main menu, go to Settings -> Configure
  • Run fluxconf from a terminal to access some of the more obscure options not available from the menu.
  • Edit ~/.fluxbox/init if you're really keen - but be careful as you can break your setup

Changing the look and feel

In the main menu, go to Settings -> Styles and pick one of the available options.

Setting a background picture

Edit ~/.fluxbox/init and add a line at the bottom:

session.screen0.rootCommand: Esetroot -center /path/to/picture.jpg

(...substituting the actul path to the picture in your home directory.)

Changing the keybindings

Either edit ~/.fluxbox/keys or run fluxkeys from a terminal.

Changing the menu

  • Copy /etc/X11/fluxbox/fluxbox-menu to ~/.fluxbox/menu
  • Edit ~/.fluxbox/init and change the session.menuFile path to ~/.fluxbox/menu
  • Edit ~/.fluxbox/menu as required - see the Fluxbox documentation for details.

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