Displaying Postscript and PDF files

Displaying PS/PDF files

If you want to read files rather than, or before, printing them on a CSE-linux computer there are a couple of options.


The Postscript viewer is Ghostview:gv file.ps Desktop environments such as KDE and GNOME have their own ghostview implementations (kghostview and ggv respectively).


There are 3 viewers for PDF:
  • Adobe Reader:acroread file.pdf
  • Xpdf:xpdf file.pdf
  • Ghostview again

Acroread has more features, tends to give crisper results and can handle more font types, but is slower to start up and consumes much more memory so we recommend using Xpdf or Ghostview unless the results are unsatisfactory. (Acroread is not installed in CSE Login servers.)

These applications can also print the file. All 3 allow you to enter the print command so you can try formatting the output with mlpr or otherwise experimenting, instead of just using lpr.

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