Booking lab computers

Booking a Lab Workstation

CSE runs a booking system in all of the non-restricted laboratories and in the thesis lab.

All students are supplied with tokens to make bookings; the number and type of tokens you receive is dependent on the courses you are enrolled in.

The longest period you can pre-book is 3 hours (since no student receives more than 6 tokens).

However, since each token is returned to you at the end of the 30 minutes, in practice you can keep on extending the booking until the lab closes.

You should unbook any booking you can't attend as you will be marked as a defaulter if you just forfeit it.

Linux Laboratories

To see the labs and timeslots available to you, run tkbook from any lab machine.


To book a timeslot, click it and select 'Book'.

To unbook a slot, click it and select 'Unbook'.

Other computers

CSE operates a Mac lab running UNSW-managed OSX, but this has no booking service.

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