cse announce

These people get emails from cse-announce@cse:

  • CSE Academics
     + some Faculty people who want to be counted as CSE academics for email purposes, but are not CSE.
  • CSE Academic Visitors, Conjoints, Adjuncts
  • CSE Admin Staff
  • CSE Research Assistants
  • "CSE Guest Researchers"
      People who aren't official visitors who but have been invited here by academics. For some of those, an official appointment is being arranged.
  • CSE Research Students
  • CSE Research Exchange Students
  • iCinema+CSE researchers
      No one currently in this role.
  • Elected Student Reps.

Unless they are in the above groups these people generally do not get mail from cse-announce:

  • Coursework Students
  • Tutors and other Casuals paid to teach courses
  • People with no official status who have a CSE computer account
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